Alka Jha

Grandpa’s unstitched memories

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While taking its last dive, the sun brightens his face; a face which hasn’t changed for me since past all these years.

But those lines on your face have been getting deeper every single day. Are they lying or just forcing me to believe that you are growing old?

I opened my tiny eyes and found you beside. I started crawling and you followed behind. I started mumbling and you smiled. When I learnt to walk, I had your footprints to follow around. You rooted my feet in ground and allowed me to fly in all the directions. I drew lines and you talked about the forms, I was a listener and you let me dive in your ocean full of tales.

The forms became letters and letters became words. You brought the confidence in my sentences. You introduced me to every new thing. While I got to know the world around, you were happy for all that you had found.
There were times when others got disappointed but you never turned your side. When world turned cold I had your warm arms. I dreamt of birds and you let me fly. Allowing me to raise questions, you answered each of them with patience.

While I was busy in heading forward, you waited and watched from distance. You were not allowed to be at my side every time. Back then what I learnt helped me standing in middle of the crowd.

Your voice melted my anger, took away my fear, matured my learning and helped me in getting out when I was drowning in guilt. Sometimes I just wonder what if you haven’t haven’t told me all those tales, I wouldn’t have been craving for the stories around.

And today when I think of those uncountable moments, all these unstitched memories leap in front of me.


Author: Alka Jha

Stories and conversation fascinates me. Touch of paper adds vitamins to my life. And a black pen around, helps me fill the vastness of my canvas with ink dipped forms.

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