Alka Jha


Stories and conversation fascinates me and forces me to get involved with illustrations. A black pen around, creates an irresistible urge to draw doodles. When I need Vitamins, I go out and click smiles on streets or draw doodles.

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I like conversations. People may come or go, you may or may not have seen them even once in your life,  you may or may not meet them again, either you love or hate them but the conversation between you and them is not going to change. After years, may be  you and I will change, our relation with people will change, dunno we’ll have time to talk with those people or not, our taste will change,  our looks will change  but the conversation that we have had with each other will never change.

It will remain constant even after years. No one can snatch it from me, no one can erase or steal it, it will always live with me. At times it will motivate me, when I am lonely it will follow me up, when I’ll  miss those people they’ll silently come and sit beside, when I am low they will cheer me up. They’ll help me brushing aside bad thoughts and help me creating my own memories.


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