Alka Jha

Photography- Smile on Streets

 When you go out on the Streets, don’t forget to take a smile along with you

You’ll go with one and return with dozen more – Anonymous

More than anything, I love colours. My day starts with you and ends with sun

More than anything, I love colors. My day starts with you and ends with sun

So how to bring  all those smiles with you?
That is why it is good to capture those moments, capture them and they’ll be yours. A picture is worth a thousand words. In fact, sometimes a picture is beyond words.

When you try to capture faces, people tend to hide their faces, yell and sometimes they even complain. Capturing face is tough but it excites me the most. So whenever I get time I get out on the street and capture faces. Every face has a story which forces me to chase and capture that face.

king of his own world

king of his own world

Last week I met Raman, sitting alone on a heap of sand, lost in his thought. I interrupted as I came near and asked his name.  “Raman” he said with a sheepish smile. With perplexed looks he asked what big thing I was having in my hand. I told him that it is a toy, which captures anything I want to. And I asked him to come close if he wanted to see how it works. He was that curious that he almost snatched it from my hand. After examining its physical structure he returned it to me and asked me to show how it works. I asked him to smile and captured his face.

Mentioning his infinite dreams, he added “I want to buy a red car”. Baffled by this red colour stuff, I asked “why red?”. He replied with a big smile “because I have a red shirt”. He said, “next time when u see a red car, capture it for me”.

I smile n seem carefree, I have nothing to lose, I am out on a spree

Question in her eyes

Question in her eyes

Thoughts on her mind

Thoughts on her mind


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